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To be picked up at Gosford Farmer's Market!

If you don't want to miss getting your favourite cookie treats and can't make it to the market early enough you can pre-order now:


1. Place your order through our website. Orders close Thursday 6:00am market's week. 

2. Make Payment via website 

3. Collect your order at the market between 7am and 1pm.


*If you don't collect your order by 1pm, please contact us ASAP to collect your order at our Wyoming location the same day of the market, please note we will keep your order until Sunday 5:00pm. If you don't collect your order we won't save your order and no refunds will be given as your product was already prepared and packaged. It's your responsibility collect your order during this time.

You can order any of our cookie products for shipping anywhere in Australia, we send our postal boxes via Express Shipping.


It is important your contact details are correct when ordering, including name and address if you wish your order to be delivered, if details are incorrect Cookie Loca won't be responsible for wrong addresses. 


DELIVERY: We are unable to provide you with an specific time of arrival due to amount of orders and traffic conditions. You will received an email on the date of delivery to remind you that your order is coming.

ORDERS CLOSED: Please submit your order with enough time in advanced. If you submit your order after, your order will be moved to the following week delivery slots.


If you wish to add a message to your order, please add them in the "add a note" section when checking out.

/IMPORTANT - As our products are perishable goods, if you happen to not be at home, your parcel WILL BE LEFT OUTSIDE/ IN A SAFE PLACE. 


We aim for the cookies to be left in a safe place so you would get your order upon return and to be able to eat them fresh.

If you are NOT happy with this, please DO NOT order delivery and aim for ordering PICK UP.


If you are not at home to collect your parcel we cannot be held responsible for weather damaging your parcel or theft.

Further enquiries please email us at

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