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 Hello Cookie Lovers,

I am Tata, the creator of Cookie Loca, I am a qualified baker from South America who lived in USA and fell in love with cooking and baking since I was little while watching and learning from my mom.

My mom passed her knowledge and passion towards food and sweets to me, she taught me so many things. When my mom passed away, it was so hard for me to keep going, so I learnt to heal by going back to do the things that we both love and shared. 

With my baking qualifications, travel experience and my connection to desserts and sweets from my mom, I decided to bake cookies and other desserts for my friends and family. When I made my New York Cookies I couldn’t believe how delicious they were, I was extremely proud and happy of my creation, so I knew I have to shared it with the rest of the world.

I've always been extremely proud of my chuncky creations, all of them are artisan handmade with the best quality ingredients.

So... are you ready to try them? are you ready to get LOCO?


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